The 12ᵗʰ International Malaysian Studies Conference (MSC12)

Malaysian Social Science and MSC12

By the term ‘Malaysian Social Science’, we are not taking a narrow ‘nationalist’ position to mean only the social sciences contributed by Malaysian scholars. Rather, guided by the principle of inclusion, Malaysian social  science means the  corpus of knowledge and  the tool of analysis that has been developed by  both Malaysian scholars and Malaysianists irrespective of their nationality in their study of the various dimensions of Malaysia and also Malaysia in relation to other societies and countries. This means that MSC12  will consider papers on other countries provided they have reference to or comparison with Malaysia.

MSC12 will offer various discourses by distinguished speakers and panelists to enhance the corpus of knowledge and the quality of social science research which is the core business of PSSM.  Sound  scholarship that addresses in depth, with rigour and objectivity such important themes as sustainable development, social and ethnic diversity, as well as Malaysia’s transformation requires a transparent and enabling  culture and critical discourse. In the era when unfortunately key performance indicators (KPIs) and number crunching become the rule of the game, we are fighting an uphill battle to promote quality and integrity, especially in social science research and publication, but persist we must.